How to calculate CGPA from SGPA

Here on this website, you will get the answer to the query How to calculate CGPA from SGPA? Read thoroughly to get the exact idea of calculating CGPA from SGPA.

Formula: The formula to the calculation is shown below-

How to calculate CGPA from SGPA


Assume that your all 6 semesters SGPA are

1st Semester SGPA = 8.31

2nd Semester SGPA = 6.82

3rd Semester SGPA = 7.13

4th Semester SGPA = 6.23

5th Semester SGPA = 8.05

6th Semester SGPA = 7.57

We’ve already got that, CGPA =  Total Sum of SGPAs of All Semesters ÷ Number of Semesters. Accordingly applying this formula

Total Sum of CGPA = (7.31 + 6.82 + 7.13 + 6.23 + 8.05 + 7.06) ÷ 6

Total Sum of CGPA = 42.6 ÷ 6

In the final analysis, The result will be 7.1

So, The CGPA = 7.1

How to calculate CGPA from SGPA with calculator?

You can also use the below calculator of SGPA to CGPA Calculator to easily calculate your CGPA.

CGPA from SGPA Calculator
Total SGPA Of All Semesters :
Numbers Of Semesters:

Your CGPA is :

How to use this CGPA calculator to calculate CGPA from SGPA?

You just need to enter your total SGPAs and the number of semesters after that click on calculate. Your CGPA will be shown.

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What is SGPA? And what is SGPA full form

The marks that we score in our colleges or universities are calculated in many ways. SGPA is one of these. CGPA is basically a grade point indicated by a number. It is calculated at the end of an academic year or semester at college.

SGPA full form is Sessional Grade Point Average/Semester End Grade Point Average.

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What is CGPA? And what is CGPA full form?

It is another method to calculate the overall academic performance of a student in college or university. Similar to SGPA, The sum of all SGPA or grade points obtained from all the semesters or years are calculated then divide by the number of semesters or years. Then the outcome result is referred to as CGPA. What is a Good Credit Score & How to improve it?

The difference between SGPA (Semester Grade Point Average) and the CGPA (cumulative grade point average): SGPA is calculated at end of the semester or academic year whether CGPA is calculated with many SGPAs of different semesters or sessions

I hope that you have got an idea of How to calculate CGPA from SGPA.

How to calculate percentage from SGPA?

SGPA is totally a different method to your college performance. It is generally a grade point used all over the world. It is calculated at end of the academic semester. You need to know How to calculate percentage from SGPA to apply for a university other major instate.

For your higher studies or post-graduation, you need to apply for your seat, and to meet the criteria of eligibility for the university, you just need to provide your academic percentage to get admission.

So, the main point is SGPA need to be converted into percentage and also there are mainly two methods are available to get your percentage from SGPA

Now, How to calculate percentage from SGPA?

  • First of all, sum up your all semester SGPA
  • Divide the SGPAs with the total sum of CGPA
  • The result will be actually your CGPA
  • Then convert the CGPA to percentage simply multiplying the CGPA with 9.5
  • Your result will be your percentage

to clarify I have added an Example: Your SGPAs are 7.1, 8.0, 6.9, 7.7

Total SGPA is = 7.1 + 8.0 + 6.9 + 7.7 = 29.7

provided that divide the number total sum of SGPA with the number of SGPA

= 29.7 ÷ 4

=7.425 (It will be CGPA)

After that multiply this number with 9.5

So, 7.425 X 9.5 = 70.5375

Thereupon, your percentage will be 70.5375%

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